Themis Approach

Themis Vector

A versatile platform for directed, effective immune modulation

At the heart of our achievements lies our advanced platform technology that is applicable across a wide range of infectious disease and other immunology indications, including cancer. To date, the platform has a proven track record of producing innovative vaccine candidates with high potency and safety. The scientific basis for Themis’ measles vector platform was developed at the world renowned Institut Pasteur in Paris and is now licensed to Themis. Themis’ vaccination vector has the ability to incorporate large recombinant genes coding for selected antigens into its genome. The vaccine delivers the selected antigens directly to macrophages and dendritic cells – the most potent and effective antigen-presenting cells, thereby triggering a specific immune response to the selected antigens. As a replicating vector, the vaccine continuously expresses antigens even after immunization. This results in a powerful, antigen-focused immune response, which is expected to confer long-term immunity. Themis has also developed an efficient and robust manufacturing process for its product candidates.

Proprietary platform technology

  • Measles vaccine vector exclusively licensed to Themis from Institute Pasteur
  • Capacity to insert multiple large recombinant protein antigens
    • e.g. full-length proteins or VLPs, to overcome limitations of previous approaches
  • Auto-adjuvant effect by live attenuated replicating vector
  • Applicable to broad range of infectious diseases and beyond
  • Proven advanced development and manufacturing capabilities